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friendship advice

heyy girls, i'm new to this community and i can really use your help.

back in july of this year i accused my best friend of like 18 years of stealing something...now this was the first time ever that she has stolen anything, but i regret accusing her because she actually DIDN"T steal.... i had gotten home late at night from being out with her and my mom was waiting in the garage, angry saying she thinks (name) stole some pills from her... let me just say at this time in july we were getting ready to move and trying to sell our house and my mom really wasn't herself, so it could've been my mom lost them somehow and just figured someone stole them.. soo of course i believed my mom who is also my best friend and i basically wrote my best friend a nasty message saying all kinds of mean stuff, when i really should've just confronted her and asked first, but i'm dumb whatever... i really would like to be friends with her again, and she hates my mom now too which kind of sucks cause i've always been there for her and so has my mom... this year has been the worst year ever... i now live in florida, not because of my best friend and i... but people have been saying oh now you live somewhere else there is no point in being friends with her again cause you won't see her. when that's totally not true... we had such a good friendship where we always promised eachother to go to the same college (we did that), we would go to eachothers weddings and all those corny things that friends do... i made this ONE mistake and i don't want that to throw this friendship away.. yeah we kind of fight a lot but it's not out of HATE ya know??? i know i want to apologize, but i'm just wondering what exactly i can say... i have a problem of not thinking before i speak OBVIOUSLY (and she knows that)... there is a right way to apologize and wrong way to apologize... so i just want it to be right... i did write her a letter that i actually sent by email instead ( this was a few weeks after the fight) and she of course said she doesn't think she can ever be friends with me and like my mom again because we're "bad people"--- i'm sorry but that's really harsh, i guess i KINDA deserve that.... but trust me when i say i've always been there for her and so has my mom- so i kinda take that to offense.

so please i beg of you help me out. don't think i'm a mad person because of this, i'm really not... when i said i want to apologize and make things right between her and i i'm being really genuine and i mean it... i hope you girls can help me 


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