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Say You'll Be My Girl's For Life!

Girls like to Talk!
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___&ABOUT US,,

1. girl talk & advice from your peers (relationship/friendship problems, etc)
2. PMSing? got menstrual bleeding!!!? talk about it!
3. make-up and fashion tips
4. hot boy/girl picture posting
5. movies, songs, book recommendations (whatever you want, girls!)
6. weekly post themes
7. great way to meet new super awesome girls
8. we're not here to discuss the actual sisterhood movie or book
only five rules here:

*no fighting will be tolerated. pick a fight with a member and you will be kicked out.
*dOn'T tYpE lIkE tHiS, please and thanks.
*all posts should be 'friend's only'. otherwise they will be viewable to non-sisterhood_talk members.
*this is a closed community. you must request to join.
*once you're accepted, add this place as your friend so that it will show up on your friends page.

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&&& btw,
we are not a traveling pants community;;